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We believe that our club isn’t just about playing hockey. We strive to position our players to become productive citizens in our community. Over the course of the season, our players can be seen supporting a number of community events such as Lions Club, Rotary, and Esquimalt Silver Threads events. Further, we look to have our players put back into minor hockey, by participating in minor hockey developmental skills sessions. We believe we have been successful in this, all the while respecting our player’s time commitments to activities outside hockey.

Independent Program – No Politics

The Cougars operate as a non-profit organization. What that means to our players is that all revenues are put directly back into improving the Cougar program.

This translates into direct value for our players and families

Our team executive is responsible for all decisions regarding the operating of the hockey club. This group of 12 individuals combined have over 135 years experience with the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League! None of these key decision-makers have children in the Cougar program.

Our coaching staff is responsible for overseeing the assessment of players, and the dealing with the development of players. This group is comprised of a head coach, three associate coaches, goaltending coach, video coach, and two physio-therapists. Four of the coaches are former Cougars players, and most were team captains. Collectively, this group of 8 has over 50 years experience in the Vancouver Island Junior Hockey League. None of these key decision-makers have children in the Cougar program.

In summary, the 18 most influential people involved in the Cougar program have no political agenda, no family ties, and no intention to make a profit.

We simply want to ice the best team possible and to offer our players the best possible experience playing hockey, period.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of the executive or coaching staff.