Matt Clark, Bryce Irwin, and Trey Anderson each had 2 goals to lift the Cougars to a 6-2 win over the Storm Friday night. Irwin and Anderson each scored once in the first period less than a minute apart. The first was intense from both teams, you could feel the tension the ice. And as the game went on you could see it too.

After Cody Savey scored 4:17 into the 2nd to cut the Cougars lead to 2-1, the game took a nasty turn. With a board battle just inside the blue line raging, Jory Swanson came flying into the crowd elbow up, hitting Colten Witter directly in the head. Witter hit the ice immediately and remained unmoved for a very long time. Swanson was assessed a 5 and a game, and a 2 game suspension after the game. Witter’s condition is not known at the moment.

After a 45 minute delay due to this incident the game continued. The Cougars looked rattled. Brett Kinley tied the game late in the 2nd and the Storm looked to be in-charged. The Cougars took 4 penalties in the last 3 minutes of the 2nd.

Then with the boys in the locker room for the intermission the coaching staff must have said something. Because the Cougars completely dominated the 3rd. But the intense, rough, and brutal play didn’t stop. Almost 70 penalty minutes were called in the 3rd, capped off by a CFB penalty to Victoria’s Jude Wessel. Unlike the hit on Witter no player was injured,  but still a scary play. Wessel was assessed a 3 game suspension for that hit. The Cougars walked away with the game when Clark scored twice, Irwin and Anderson both scored, in about 5 and a half minutes.

If these teams meet in the finals, I expect a tough series.

The Cougars play Oceanside Sunday in Victoria, 730pm.