After 10 games in a row against the Panthers, the Cougars are now into a new cohort with the Predators and Wolves. The new look Saanich Junior B team entered the Arch for game 1 of the new cohort series debuting their new kit. The former Braves organization rebranded in the off-season to the Saanich Predators. Taking style cues from the San Jose sharks, but with a very Vancouver Island flair.

When playing the same team 10 games straight it is hard to tell how your team will fair against the rest of the league. The Cougars took 8 of 10 from Peninsula. The Predators came out flying in the 1st period against the Cougars. But, neither team playing good defence. Kieran Strange got his 1st goal of the year to start the scoring when several players were piled up in-front of the crease. Strange was able to throw the puck at the goal for it to bounce off Michetti and flutter over him. The Preds took it back quickly and added another to take a 2-1 lead on goals from Batson and Hargitt. The Cougars came back with a vengeance with Estey, Brant, and LeSergent scoring in the span of 1:32 to go up 4-2. Hutchinson got one back for the Predators at 19:59 of the 1st, although it was far closer to 20:00 than 19:59. The buzzer went a fraction of a second after the net rippled. 7 goals in the opening frame.

The 2nd period was a sloppy mess, for both teams. Bad, disjointed hockey that was hard to watch. Ben Brant collected his 2nd of the game in an otherwise uneventful period. The 3rd was much prettier, but the Cougars found the net 4 more times. Pivetta collected his 1st of the year, Esposito, Guerra and Irwin grabbed markers. Jack Groves scored for Saanich but it was ultimately futile.

Shots were 42-30 Cougars. Brant and Stinchcombe took player of the game honours.

The Cougars have won 8 straight and hold the best win % in the VI. Next up is the Wolves on Thursday after the Wolves and Predators battle on Wednesday night.