The Cougars faced off against the Westshore Wolves for the first time this season, and the first time since February 19th. The Cougars won that contest 5-1.

4 Cougars had a multi-point night including Spencer Golden collecting 2 goals to move into a tie for the league goals lead with Owen Christensen at 10 goals. Bryce Irwin had 3 apples to move him into a tie for 2nd in league overall scoring with the same Owen Christensen from the Storm at 20 points.

The opening period seemed to be the toughest the Cougars have faced so far this season. The Wolves are fast and have 4 lines of players who can score. Westshore was able to get a pair of goals from Beacom and Cull to take a 2-1 lead after Estey scored for the Cougars less than a minute into the game. Estey’s goal was a good positional goal, after Haydar couldn’t squeeze the puck on a Zach Guerra shot, Estey was able to bury the puck while it sat in the crease.

Victoria found their groove in the 2nd period. After going 0/4 on the Power Play so far in the game, Ryan Strange, Spencer Golden, and Brandon McClintick scored 3 straight for the Cougars in the 2nd and Victoria was up a pair after 2. Simon Pollock scored early into the 3rd and the Cougars looked to be walking away with it. Daniel Larson though, made it interesting. About the mid-way point of the period the Wolves got one back and the momentum looked to shift. It didn’t last long though. Golden grabbed another one to put the Cougars up 6-3. Leik would get another for the Wolves but Brett Anderson would keep the door shut from that point on.

The Cougars have won 9 straight and 2 in a row to start the second cohort. They take on Saanich again tonight at 630pm at Pearkes.