The Cougars and Panthers have already played 7 in a row coming into Sunday’s game. The Cougars were 5-1-1 and had won 4 in a row.

The Panthers were depleted both up front and on D. Lingard and Seale were both out and they only had 4 D in the lineup. The Cougars took full advantage. Simon Pollock grabbed his 2nd of the year with Spencer Golden getting his 6th just over a minute later mid-way through the 1st. While the Cougars had almost complete control of the entire period, Fryer was able to put one on the board with a seeing-eye shot from the blueline. But, only 2 minutes after that Ryan Strange got his 6th and 7th of the year in back-to-back shifts.

The Cougars added to the lead when both LeSergent and Blanchette grabbed their first goals of the season in the 2nd period. It was another dominating frame for the home team. The Cougars out-shot the Panthers 33-11 after 2.

Come the 3rd period though, Tanner Wort does what Tanner Wort does. His shifted the momentum. Just 22 seconds into the 3rd Wort got his 6th of the year and the Panthers surged. If it wasn’t for the stellar play of Bryce Anderson making several key saves in the first half of the 3rd, Peninsula may have gotten back into the game. After a penalty to Grant Gilbertson for Unsportsmanlike Conduct, saying something to the Referee, Brandon McClintick stuck the final nail in the coffin. A beautiful wrist shot to the top right corner and the Panthers were sunk.

Victoria has won 5 in a row and are looking to extend that streak on Thursday. Games 9 and 10 got Thursday and Friday. After those two contests there will be a 2 week break and a new cohort series will start with the Cougars entering a 3 team series with Kerry Park and Saanich.